Grizzly Love (Kodiak Point, #6)

Are you ready for a grizzly kind of love?

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Dr. Jess is his soulmate. His grizzly knows it. He knows it. Suspects she does as well, but she just won’t admit it.

Good thing Travis is tenacious. Even if he has to travel across an ocean, endure scorching temperatures and survive attempts on his life, he won’t give up until he wins her heart.

Or dies trying.

Welcome to Kodiak Point, where the wildlife might wear clothes, but animal instinct rules the heart.



As she wiped the traces of battle from him, she couldn’t help but note the things she tried to ignore. The smoothness of his flesh. The firmness of his muscle. Even the smell of sweat didn’t bother her. On the contrary, she fought a temptation to lick his skin to taste the salt.

“Ma always said dirt might not taste good, but sometimes it did a boy good to get a mouthful of it, for the vitamins you know.” He said it with complete seriousness.

“Travis, you do realize your mother was just trying to make you feel better because someone beat the hell out of you.”

He winked at her. “Of course I know that. But guess what? It did me good. In the end, all those face rubs in the dirt made me determined to get stronger. You might find this hard to believe, but I used to be a runt of a cub. Shortest and scrawniest of my age group. So you can imagine what happened at school. One day, I decided that just because someone picks on me it doesn’t make me weak. I was just untrained. Not having a dad around, I didn’t get the same benefit the other boys did. I needed to create ways and scenarios where I could sponge some fatherly advice.”

His admission captivated her. How lonely for him growing up. She’d had two parents. Still did. They lived out on the east Canadian coast, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She saw them a few times a year and spoke every other week to them on the phone. But Travis? He had only his mother, a woman who could cook up a storm but knew nothing about training a grizzly cub to become a predator, or a man.

“What about the other dads? Surely there were a few to help a kid out?”

“You have met my mother, right?” Asked with a wry query.

“Yeah.” Betty-Sue was a true matron and ferocious mama bear.

“I love Ma, but she scares the shit out of a lot of the men. None of them dared take me under their paw, lest they incur her wrath.”

“And yet she allowed you to get picked on as a kid? That doesn’t make sense.”

“She might seem scary—”

Jess arched a brow.

He laughed. “Okay really scary, but in her defense, she wanted to do her best by me, which meant letting me fight my own battles. When I’d come home a little banged up, she’d wipe off my wounds, feed me some freshly baked cookies, and say, ‘What did you learn this time?’ I’d tell her, and then she’d kiss my booboos better.”

He gave her a hopeful look.

She ducked her head. Must not give in. Ignore the big bear eyes. Ignore the hot stud’s body. Keep your mind on the job. And no, that job didn’t involve stripping his pants off and making sure all of his organs were functioning. “Seems a little rough,” she replied, wiping at a scratch on his upper pec.

“I guess, but it worked. I think. At least it’s how I taught myself the skills other boys get from their dads.”

She wrinkled her nose. “My dad taught me how to swap out bedpans and sew gashes with tight stitches.”

“Just like my ma taught me my manners and the difference between a ma who’s happy I remembered to wipe my muddy paws and a ma who isn’t afraid to paddle me with a wooden spoon until I remember. Experience, good or bad, teaches us. Especially when it’s bad.”

“Meaning?” Because she couldn’t help but think he was talking something deeper.

“Meaning that you don’t need to repeat mistakes. Oh and that you can only win with boldness.”

Boldness such as stealing a forbidden kiss.

One long overdue.

His lips pressed against hers, not demanding, but not too shy either. With slowness and sensuality, he embraced her. A thrill of excitement hummed through all her nerves.

Molten blood pumped through her veins, heating her body, bringing it to life.

The beat of her heart quickened, arousing her senses.

Caught by surprise, her breath caught, afraid to inhale or exhale because each involved a level of intimacy she didn’t know if she could handle.

Forget handle. She craved.

As his lips claimed hers softly, she couldn’t help but melt. How long since she’d imagined this? How long had she wanted someone to touch her? To bring her alive? To remind her what it meant to be a woman, a woman with needs, wanted by a man who desired her?

I’m tired of waiting and wanting and feeling guilty.

Time to be selfish.

She kissed him back, and she could have sworn the heat between them burst into molten flames.

As his hand cupped the back of her head, cradling it in his palm, her own fingers tangled in the locks of his hair, drawing him closer, inhaling his breath and moaning as he captured hers.



Content Editor:Devin Govaere

Copy Editor: Amanda L. Pederick

Cover Artist: Aubrey Rose