Indecent Werewolf Exposure (Werewolves, Vampires and Demons, Oh My)

“This is a down-and-dirty ménage book with werewolves and all kinds of paranormal creatures. I read Eve when I need laughs and steam, and this delivers on both.” says Jessie of USA Today


It’s TGIF, which means in a few hours I’ll be tossing back a few Martini’s with my best friend, Brenda. But first, I need to deal with my crazy new client, a werewolf who thinks it’s okay to pee on his neighbor’s flowers because she’s a witch. What a shame he’s obviously got a few screws loose because bad boy Pete is seriously HOT.

His insanity must have been contagious because I did the craziest thing later that night. I let my nemesis in the courtroom, assistant DA Anthony Vanderson, seduce me. In my defense, he’s got the most mesmerizing blue eyes–and a seriously sexy bod.

With my sexual itch scratched, you’d think I’d be able to go back to my awesome life as a single gal.

Nope. My bad boy werewolf is determined to chase me, but he’s got competition because Antony, who it turns out is a closet vampire, is determined to make me his. What’s a poor girl to do?

According to my best friend, both of them. It is the law after all.

But I’m not ready to settle down in a threesome even if the tax breaks are awesome. Just like I don’t want to get involved in the investigation surrounding the gory murder of some supposed witches.

I guess a girl can’t always get what she wants–but boy, do my two suitors know how to give me what I need.

Warning: This story contains adult subject matter and language that is probably not suitable for anyone. This is an Urban Fantasy, Werewolf/Vampire Romance (MFM) sprinkled liberally with sarcasm and humor. It may induce giggling and snorting. Reader discretion is advised.

SERIES: Werewolves, Vampires and Demons, Oh My

(Stand Alone stories in an interconnected world)


Excerpt (Adults 18+ please):

A body brushed up against my back and a shiver went through me.

Please don’t be him. Please don’t be him. Not for the first time, I wished Liam would invest in a mirror for the wall behind the bar.

A hand flattened itself against my lower back as a hard body, sporting an aftershave that tickled my nose pleasantly, wedged itself against my left hip. “Excuse me,” murmured a low voice that I would have recognized anywhere.

Damn. It seemed my plea had gone unanswered. Despite myself, warmth flooded my senses as my less-than-discerning libido enjoyed the closeness of another body.

“Would you listen to that, they’re playing my song,” Brenda shouted as she abandoned me.

Trapped by his masculine frame, I couldn’t follow and instead found myself peering sideways at the jerk who never let me win in court.

Bright blue eyes met my gaze. “Ms. Bailey, what an unexpected, yet pleasant, surprise.” Funny, he didn’t appear surprised.

“Mr. Vanderson.” I inclined my head in acknowledgement.

The right corner of his mouth tugged upward. Damn, the man was gorgeous. I wanted to look away, my eyes however preferred to remain locked on him. “No need to be so formal. We have, after all, met before.” Way to remind me. “Since we’re not in the courtroom, please call me Anthony.”

Pretend we were friends? Over my dead, horny body. Never in a million years. No way. “Hello, Anthony.” Yeah, what could I say? My mouth had a mind of its own and right now, it liked the fact that he stood so close, close enough that it would only take a little effort to see if his mouth tasted as minty as his breath smelled.

“I do hope there are no hard feelings over last week’s case.”

Hard feelings? Yes. And as for the three extra pounds around my waist from the gallon of ice cream I ate? Also his fault. “Of course not. Win some. Lose some.” Oh gawd, please don’t tell me that tittering giggle came from me. If I could have slapped myself without appearing mentally unstable, I would have.

“Glad to hear it.”

“What are you doing here? I mean, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you here before.”

Great. Now I sounded like a drunken lush who spent enough time in a bar to know the patrons. Sometimes the truth hurt.

“Someone suggested it to me. Apparently they make the best Earl Grey martinis in town.”

I held up my mostly empty glass and tilted it, draining the contents for liquid courage. “I don’t know about the Earl Grey, but Liam here sure knows how to dish these up.”

“Let me get you another.”

“No need,” I hastened to say, realizing too late how it sounded.

Anthony held up two fingers and pointed to my empty glass. A moment later, Liam slid two fresh beverages our way, both a bright blue. Looked like Mr. DA would have to wait to taste his Earl.

Not that he seemed to mind. He slid a twenty at Liam, waved away the change—show off—and lifted the flared glass with long fingers, the nails perfectly rounded and clean. No callouses on him. Wonder what that would feel like on a certain sensitive body part?

He tilted the martini in my direction. “To finally meeting outside a courtroom.” Anthony chimed his glass off mine.

“Ditto,” I mumbled before gulping back half the contents. I don’t know if it was because I was still horny from my meeting earlier with werewolf Pete, the alcohol, or the fact that the man pressing against my hip, despite being a jerk, was so fucking hot, but I couldn’t help a languorous heat from spreading through my limbs. Unconsciously—or not—I caught myself shifting, almost rubbing myself against the guy. And he didn’t help things.

The hand on my back was not lightly touching anymore, but firmly pressed, his thumb stroking me, branding me through the thin silk blouse I wore.

I should have moved away, or made some attempt to ignore him. I could have joined Brenda—my traitor of a friend who’d ditched me—but she currently gyrated with a few guys in suits and loosened ties, her jiggly little body doing some kind of techno bop on the barely existing dance floor. It looked fun, especially since I enjoyed dancing; however, I didn’t move. Neither did Anthony.

“I have a confession to make.” His lips practically brushed my lobe as he leaned over to whisper in my ear.

“Are you going to tell me you’ve made a deal with the devil, which is why I can never win a case against you?” Yeah, I blurted it out, my martini courage giving my wayward tongue free rein.

A normal man might have taken offense, but not Mr. Hot Shot DA. He threw his head back and laughed. “Not quite. But I may have to if you keep up your good defensive work. You certainly keep me on my toes.”

“Glad to know I’m giving you some exercise.”

“I enjoy the challenge, which is why I’m glad we finally get to meet outside of work,” he said.

“You are?”

“You sound surprised.”

“Probably because I am. We are, after all, working on opposite sides.”

“But it doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.

Oh my freaking gawd. I knew that inflection. He was hitting on me. “I don’t know how appropriate that would be.”

“There are no laws against it. I checked.”

The grin curling his lips short-circuited my brain for a second. The man truly was good looking. And charming too. “No laws maybe, but I have my own personal rule, which states no fraternizing with coworkers.”

“And yet didn’t I see you here with one of the legal secretaries?”

“That’s different. We’ve known each other since kindergarten.” And I didn’t want Brenda to put a dick into my pussy.

“So long as we’re not sharing information on a case, or actively arguing a case, I don’t see why we can’t explore certain opportunities.”

The guy just wouldn’t give up. Flattering. Disconcerting. And annoying because, despite my dislike of him, I couldn’t help enjoying his flirting. Just like I couldn’t stop wondering if his lips would feel as soft as they looked.

“Listen, Mr. Vanderson—”


What was it with guys insisting I use their first names today? “While your attention is flattering, I just don’t think this is appropriate.” Taboo, my body agreed. So taboo. Naughty even. Very naughty. Could I blame the drinks on my rising temperature?

A body jostled mine from the other side and the hand on my back went full circle to steady me. Anthony drew me in to his hard chest, pressing me flush against a torso that I instantly noticed was really happy to see me. Up went my gaze to meet the brilliant blue one of my nemesis—a man who claimed he wanted to get to know me better. Maybe I should let him. Wasn’t there an expression about getting to know thy enemy?

“Crowded place,” he observed making no move to let me go or allow any space between us.

“No more than usual.”

“What do you say we adjourn somewhere quieter? Maybe grab some dinner?”

Actual food? Or did the inflection imply something else, something I’d just said no to? A smart defense attorney would have rejected his offer, however I’d already proven myself stupid when it came to Anthony.

Mesmerized by his gaze—my body melting like butter in his grasp—I found myself nodding. With his arm around my waist, he managed to guide us with more ease than expected from the bar.

Outside, the cool night air brushed over my fevered skin. It brought back some of my sanity and I pulled away from him, determined to put some distance between us, to tell him I’d changed my mind.

What was I thinking agreeing to go to dinner with the enemy? I hated Anthony, I mean Mr. High and Mighty DA Vanderson. I—

Before I could say anything, he spun me in his arms and his lips came down hard on mine. Holy shit. Talk about instant, flaming heat.

Good intentions? Kiss them goodbye. Reasons to walk away? Burned to a crisp under the expert caress of a man who knew his way around a woman’s lips. He left no part of my mouth unexplored, sucking my upper and lower lip, one at a time, massaging them, tasting them. He didn’t suckle alone. I gave as good as I got, tangling my tongue with his, groaning when his teeth grazed me. The man could freaking kiss.

We stood on the sidewalk, in plain view, without a care for who might be watching, embracing passionately. Hungrily.

I clung to him, my fingers laced at the back of his head while his arms hugged me tight, his hands cold brands over the silk that impeded his way to my bare skin.

What the hell am I doing?

I drew back, lips swollen, breathing uneven and legs wobbly. For a moment, I could have sworn Anthony’s eyes flashed with blue fire, but he blinked and the odd light disappeared.

Cover Artist: Amanda Kelsey –


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