Book Cover: Earth's Lair
Part of the Earth's Magic series:
Editions:E-Book: $ 3.99
ISBN: 9781773843155
Paperback / Print
ISBN: 9781773843162

I didn’t mean to unleash a curse.

Not so long ago, I helped my BFF save the world from a horde of the undead. It was a pulse pounding, adrenalized adventure, but now it’s time to return to my true calling, farming, a task that takes an interesting turn when a recently plowed field reveals the entrance to an old tomb.

Totally awesome.

Almost as spectacular as the guy who shows up from the Cryptid Historical Society to document the discovery.

Less fun? The jerk who broke my heart is back in town. If he dares to come near me, I will give him a piece of my mind right after a well-aimed kick.

Life is anything but boring as I juggle two men, the strangest dreams, and a pajama wearing goat who isn’t acting like her usual self.

And it might be my fault seeing as how I accidentally triggered a curse.