Intentional Abduction (Alien Abduction, #2)

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She intentionally abducted him because of his skills as a warrior, but when the chance arose, he stole her for revenge.

Genre: Science Fiction / Fantasy Romance

Aylia is on a quest to get pregnant, and in the time-honored tradition of her people, she must find a suitable male for the task. Seducing a warrior is harder than she expected, especially when her body turns traitor and melts at his touch. When he flips the situation around and takes her prisoner, he somehow manages to steal her heart. And she might just have to kill him to get it back.

Being the scourge of the galaxy comes with consequences, like females wanting his body–and males wanting his head. After he meets Aylia, he learns that not all battles are fought using fists and knives and the deepest wounds come from the heart

Through the vastness of space, brothels and unmentionable places in between, can this stubborn pair overlook their pride and past to come together? Or will they forever abduct each other, unable to admit their love?


Each book in the Alien Abduction series can be read as a stand alone but for total reader enjoyment, it is recommended you read them in order.


“Arm yourself,” he said, finally speaking to her as they reached the command center of the vessel.

“You cannot shoot them down?” she asked as she strapped her various weapons to her body from the pile she’d left them in on the floor. She never went to him armed.

“You waited too long.” The reproach in his voice came through loud and clear.

A childish urge to stick her tongue out at him came over her. She curbed it—barely. He wasn’t her teacher; how dare he chastise her.

The screeching of metal on metal made her wince as one of the attacking vessels came alongside.

Striding to a wall, he keyed in a code on a console and a panel slid open to reveal an impressive array of weapons. Arming himself, he turned to look at her as she strapped her last knife on.

“I’m assuming you were the one in the docking bay in the cloak?”

She nodded her head.

“Well, at least you know how to fight a little.”

Her jaw dropped. “A little? We’ll see who gets the most kills.”

A wicked smile tilted his lips. “Just try and keep up.”

With a long stride, he left the command center, and she hurried to keep up with her shorter legs. This time, her view of his back made her think of various ways she could take him down. Keep up indeed. I’ll show him why Zonians are a breed that demands respect.

Stopping somewhere midway on the ship, he held his finger to his lips and cocked his head toward a closed doorway.

They flanked the portal and waited. With a snick of pressurized air releasing, the door slid open and an ugly beast stuck its head out. Jaro’s blade sliced through its slimy, wrinkled neck, green fluid spurting from the wound.

“One,” he mouthed with a cocky grin before diving through the opening.

“Jerk,” she muttered as she followed, a foot long dagger in each hand.

Just beyond the opening, the scent of scorched metal and melted plastic stung her nostrils, but the headier aroma of battle delighted her. Jaro was already engaged with two of the enemy with four more pouring through the makeshift hole.

With a battle cry learned at her teacher’s knee, Aylia dove into the fray, the silver edges of her blades flashing in the strobing red light of the silent, still sounding alarm.

Weaving and twirling among the pirates, she performed a deadly dance, each slice of her daggers, each kick of her foot, landing on the fleshy parts of the thugs who’d interrupted her quest. Alongside her, she could see her purple captive creating his own scene of death, his powerful thrusts leaving fatal wounds.

And the body count rose until there were none.

Chests heaving, she found herself facing Jaro, the slick sheen of blood not a deterrent, not when it proved his valor. Eyes glittering, he took a step toward her, and she must have moved as well because a moment later, she found herself pressed against him, her hands dangling by her sides, still clenching her blades as he caught her lips with his own. Their first kiss. Actually, her only kiss. And oh my, did it ignite the flames of her desire.


This galactic romp containing one overly hot purple mercenary and the female warrior who kidnaps him is available at all major online retailers.

Editor: Brieanna Roberston –
Cover Artist: Amanda Kelsey –


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Four & A Half Star Review
“Both the story and the characters had me hooked from the first line, I loved the switched gender-roles on Aylia’s planet, and how she had to deal with males elsewhere in the universe who were not used to women being the strongest gender.
The story is fast-paced, funny and filled with sexy meetings between the couple.
There is lots of hilarious dialogue as well…”says

Linda of Risque Reviews
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* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Five Star Review
“Oh this is a funny one. Eve has paired two alpha warriors who don’t know how to let anyone in their hearts. They are strong, conniving, exceptional warriors, but when it comes to feelings and relationships these two are oblivious. Everything is a battle of with them. Aylia and Jaro is a perfect match for each other even though they do not know when or how to express these feelings. The roles of captor and abductee, savior and victim not only often blur, but they switch side quite a few times.”

Vanessa of The Jeep Diva
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Five Star Review
“The sexual tension in Intentional Abduction is delicious! All the “I shouldn’t, I need to, I want to, I can’t…” and then the give in, priceless! Langlais has a wicked style of seduction – which is a joy to read – that you can’t help but get addicted to.

Niina @ For The Love of Reading
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Five Raven, Recommended Read
“Intentional Abduction is a tantalizing tale of adventurous romance that ignites all of your sensory receptors. Ms. Langalis made me feel every sensation from fighting battles to the sinfully, sexy bed chamber activities.
…Intentional Abduction takes into right brain overload. Ms. Langlais descriptions of space ships, characters physical attributes, mannerisms, fight scenes and other actions are fantastic. I love the manner in which this author skillfully takes you on a sensual journey that ignited passion and a quest for nirvana. I would suggest reading this book with some mellow tunes playing softly, a glass of wine oh, and the main ingredient an adventurous partner.”says

Naunet of Black Raven’s Reviews
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Four And A Half Star Review
“Ms. Langlais is an author who has a really warped but rather delicious sense of humor that comes through in each of her books. She is prolific in her writing and she doesn’t just stick to one genre, which is refreshing. Her stories are refreshing as well, a breath of fresh air in the romance genre.
…I loved this story of the two warriors who fought each other and their attraction to each other, but who also slowly came to realize how important the other was. Ms. Langlais has this knack of being able to write what you would think would be ridiculous characters in any other story—purple aliens—and turn them into characters that have feeling and emotions and who have their flaws as well as strengths, who you root for and who you also want to hit and yell at when they are being so stupid they can’t see what is right in front of them.”says

Sabine of Manic Readers
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