Mercenary Abduction (Alien Abduction, #4)

All this mercenary wants is to kill and loot his way to fame and fortune, but his plans change when a human accidentally steals his heart.

From USA Today… “Eve Langlais’ Alien Abduction series has become my guilty pleasure. Purple has always been my favorite color, and Eve writes hot alien heroes and feisty heroines like no other.”
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Genre: Science Fiction / Alien/ Fantasy Romance

Are you ready to meet the biggest and brashest alien yet?

Makl is looking to become the greatest mercenary the universe has known. In true family tradition, he leaves a trail of mayhem and bodies wherever he goes. steals the most priceless of items, ravishes females left and right. But that all ends the day he comes across the biggest prize of all – a human barbarian.

Fooled into thinking her a priceless virgin and captivated by her pale skinned, two-breasted frame, he abducts her, or at least means to. His plan goes somewhat awry. The not-so-innocent human becomes his partner in crime instead of his prisoner, and together they form an unstoppable duo. Tales of their misdeeds and budding passion become a universal sensation, but there’s no room in a mercenary’s life for a mate. Or is there?

For the first time in his life, the Mercenary’s Guide to Prosperity doesn’t have an answer to Makl’s questions, and there’s no visible threat for him to kill. What’s a poor, purple mercenary to do? Admit he’s in love – or ditch the delectable human?


Each book in the Alien Abduction series can be read as a stand alone but for total reader enjoyment, it is recommended you read them in order.


Faster and faster, his virgin twirled, more ivory skin appeared as fabric whipped in swaying arcs as her arms and body gyrated. The alien grunted, his tentacles flailing in excitement as she simulated a mating dance, one that affected the silent, watching Makl. Throbbing hard, he couldn’t look away, or stem his rising lust. He quietly adjusted his cock in his leather pants, then readied himself. Forget the female and take care of the target.

Just as she spun, her back to the alien, the hint of her buttocks showing, Makl struck. Two quick cuts, downward left, crossing over right, and the corpulent being slid into pieces on the floor.Not one of his more noble assassinations, but given the door didn’t disintegrate in a barrage of laser gunfire aimed his way? The right choice.

He didn’t hide before the slave twirled back. Her movements stumbled to a halt. She stared at the floor in shock and stepped back from the oozing slime of her recently deceased owner. She swallowed hard.

Makl must have made a noise because up snapped her head. Brown eyes of chocolate – a rare delicacy he’d tasted more than a few times – stared at him in shock. Wiping his blade, he waited for the female to scream – a sound the guards probably expected. He got a gasp. He then waited for his hug, or tearful thank you, instead he got, “You fucking idiot. What the hell did you do?”

Blades sheathed, Makl raised a puzzled gaze to the beauty frowning at him. Hands on her hips, legs astride, and her eyes flashing daggers, she didn’t look happy with the turn of events. Nor did she look so meek and innocent. Did she not understand he’d given her freedom? From this monster at least. Now, finders keepers, she belonged to him.

“I killed him.” He flashed a slow, seductive grin.

She didn’t seem impressed. “I see that. Why?”

“I was multitasking,” he answered when his formidable smile didn’t send her rushing to take back her harsh query and throw herself on her knees to thank him properly.

“Multi what?” His answer flummoxed her. “I think we need to back up a second. Who are you?”

Makl puffed out his chest, tilted his chin, and adopted a pose that people – ahem, okay his grandmother – assured him made him look positively regal. “I am, Makl, first class warrior from the planet Aressotle. Known as the galactic avenger, I’m here to save you from a fate worse than death.”

“Never heard of you.” She waved a hand dismissively.

“Sure you have.”


“Well, now you have the honor. Say hello to the greatest acquisitions expert and deadliest warrior known in the universe.”

She smirked. At him. “A thief and a murderer. How charming.”

Why did she not seem in awe? “Nothing as common as that. I only deal in high end items and jobs.”

“Stealing is stealing. And as for killing, anyone can do that. It just takes knowing a creature’s weakness.”

“Exactly.” He inclined his head to the oozing heap on the floor. “His was letting his cock dictate common sense.”

“Well on that we agree. What’s your soft spot?” Her query held a hint of challenge.

Out puffed his chest. “I don’t have one.”

“Of course, you don’t,” she agreed, her subtle nod denuding part of a nipple which drew his eye like a magnet.

Damn it, he fell for her trap. Before he knew it, the slave – who didn’t act like either a slave or woman should – held something with a cold metallic muzzle under his chin. How did she acquire a weapon? He’d seen them scan her himself as he hid in the drapery, his cloak blending him into the background.

“Males. All the same. Flash a little nip and they lose all common sense. Now what were we saying, ah yes, how you don’t have a weak spot? Care to recant?”

“I don’t think you’ll do it.”

“Yes I would.”

Not given the way she’d looked positively faint at the sight of a corpse. “Nope. I think you’re bluffing.”

“Really? You know, all I need to do is press this trigger,” she whispered, digging the gun into his skin. “And bam, you’re dead.”

Makl sighed. Really? Did she think him that unskilled? Then again, he had to wonder at her own attributes. “I am beginning to think you’re not a virgin.”

“What gave it away?”

“For one thing, you’re not sucking my cock in gratitude for saving you.”

She snorted. “Are the women you’re acquainted with really that slutty?”

“Yes. And don’t call them slutty. They prefer the term appreciative.”

“I’m sure they are for the few minutes it takes.”

It took him a moment to catch the insult. “Are you casting aspersion on my manhood?”

“No, your stamina. I have no doubt you’re a man. Cocky. Full of himself…” Her free hand reached between his legs and squeezed. “Oh, but surprise, at least you own enough to brag. I guess you get a little credit.”

A shame she let go, if she thought him impressive semi-soft wait until she got a hold of him fully hard. “If you’re not a virgin, and you’re not happy about me killing this pathetic excuse for a being, then what are you? Oh, by the goddess Karma, please tell me you’re not part of an intergalactic strike team whose primary purpose is fighting crime?” He couldn’t stem his appalled tone.

“Me? Law enforcement?” Her laughter pealed out, loud and contagious.

Makl couldn’t help but grin, especially since the pistol under his chin wavered. “Guess not. Then why are you here?”

“Same reason you are, I suspect. Money.”

“Slaves can’t own assets.” A stupid observation given he already suspected she wasn’t mere chattel either.

“Again with the assumptions.” She clucked her tongue. “Are you sure you’re not the greatest idiot the galaxy has known?”

Insulted. Again. By a female no less. Mercenary rule number twenty-two; thou shalt not let a female best you, not even in a battle of words. Reassert dominance through any means possible.

One. Two. In a heartbeat, he held the arm with the weapon twisted behind her back, and the other clasped between their bodies. Their touching bodies. He leaned in close. “Did no one ever teach you not to taunt men bigger than you?”

“Actually, my uncle showed me from a young age how to rile men like you up. But it was his sister who taught me how to escape.”

Escape? As if he’d let her go. Of course, he’d not counted on her aunt’s ploy. The human didn’t try to pull away or struggle. Instead, taller than a female should be, she stretched a little higher and caught his lower lip with flat edged white teeth, then sucked it while grinding her lower body against his.

Holy frukx! Instant heat and lust blossomed as she finally caved in to the desire she obviously couldn’t contain. About time things started unfolding the way he’d planned. Her wet tongue swiped across his pointed teeth and he opened wide to let her in. She tasted so perfect. Sugary sweet, and she knew how to use her tongue to full advantage, stroking it along his, sucking on it. Groaning into his mouth. Or was he groaning into hers? Did it matter? He inhaled as she exhaled, her sweet breath filling him. His knees wobbled. He sank. Sank right to the floor. Boneless. Blinking. He had only a moment to see her triumphant smile before he fell on his face, drugged.

I am such an idiot.


Forget the vastness of space, when it comes to love, there is nowhere to hide.

Editor: Brandi Buckwine

Line Editor:Brieanna Roberston –

Cover Artist:Amanda Kelsey –

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