Holiday Abduction (Alien Abduction, #6)

This Christmas, Jilly is hoping for a miracle, but instead she gets a hunky purple alien.

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Genre: Science Fiction / Alien/ Fantasy Romance

Vhyl is determined to acquire a certain lost artifact, but when he lands on the forbidden barbarian planet known as Earth, he finds more than expected. An attractive human female is in possession of the priceless object, and she’s agreed to hand it over—for a price.

Apparently she doesn’t know of his reputation…or doesn’t care.

Intrigued by her fearless nature—and her luscious cocoa skin—this acquisition expert can’t resist stealing a kiss. But before he can take more, his enemy arrives to stake a claim.

It seems Vhyl isn’t the only one interested in Jilly’s treasure—and Jilly herself. On the run not only from Earth forces but his enemies too, they must fight to survive and evade capture.

However, he can’t escape the effect the human has on him.

In the end, Vhyl has to make a choice—Jilly or the priceless treasure he came for?


Each book in the Alien Abduction series can be read as a stand alone but for total reader enjoyment, it is recommended you read them in order.


A shiver down her spine warned her someone entered the room, an electric tingle of her senses, which let her know her purple guest had stuck around.

And he wasn’t one to respect personal boundaries.

He pressed in against her back, a large, menacing, yet arousing presence, that made her heart flutter and her nipples tighten.

“Do you mind?” she said a tad breathlessly.

“Mind what?”

She couldn’t help but tense as her entire body woke, aware of Vile in a way she’d never before experienced. “You’re standing too close.”


“And it’s rude.” But, most of all, arousing.

“Manners are for the weak,” he stated, inching closer.

She fought not to gasp as his body brushed against hers. “Says who?”

“Says the handbook on mercenary rules that all my kind follow.”

His race had a book on behaving badly? “On Earth, it’s considered disrespectful to ignore someone’s personal space.”


“Excuse me?”

“I would hate to think I was tarnishing my reputation.”

“You want to be known as a disrespecting jerk?”

“I prefer the title rule breaker.”

“Well, break the rules somewhere else. You’re making me uncomfortable.” And hot. Much too hot.

“Uncomfortable or aroused? I think you protest because you enjoy my presence too much. So, no. I won’t move away.”

“Because you like annoying me?”

“No, because I’m enjoying the feel of you against me.”

His surprising claim froze her tongue.

“What? No reply?” He chuckled and leaned in even closer, nudging her hair, sending shivers spiking down her spine.

This had gone on long enough. If he wouldn’t move, then she would.

Or not. He slid an arm around her waist, anchoring her against him. He pushed aside the hair covering her ears, and his lips whispered against the lobe, increasing her awareness of him. “I am beginning to think there is more than one treasure in this house.”

Her breath caught at the unexpected compliment. “I’m not an object.”

“Perhaps not, but you are definitely something of worth. I am always looking to add to my collection.”

“You can’t just take me.”

He laughed, the husky rumble somehow arousing, arousing enough that her sex moistened. Unbidden, her eyes closed, and she relaxed against him, mesmerized and curious about where this was going despite herself.

While a part of her—that sounded remarkably like Grandma—shouted at her to get away, another part basked in the male attention.

What woman didn’t want to feel desirable?

What woman could truly say she didn’t enjoy having such a virile male, one who admitted he came from a wider galaxy, think her attractive?

“Don’t challenge me, female. I have a reputation for taking what I want, and right now, I want…” He trailed off, and she held her breath as she waited for his next words. “To know who the frukx is in those vehicles arriving.”


He’s big, he’s purple and this acquisition specialist wants her. And what Vhyl wants, he takes…

* * * * *
Content Editor:Devin Govaere

Copy Editor: Amanda L. Pederick

Cover Artist:Amanda Kelsey –