Dual Abduction (Alien Abduction, #3)

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Genre: Science Fiction / Alien/ Fantasy Romance

They both wanted her. The question was, could they share her?

Warning: Alien abductions can happen to anyone, so always make sure to wear your nicest pair of undies in case it happens to you. This spicy romance, has many moments of humor and contains sexual situations with multiple partners that might excite you. Reader discretion is advised.

Abducted by alien slavers, along with her group of teenage misfits, Louisa doesn’t think her week can get any stranger until two big purple warriors arrive to the rescue—and then fight over who gets to keep her. Not interested in a winner, she clobbers them, but when they regain consciousness, they’re even more determined to claim her.

Best friends, Brax and Xarn, share everything; loot, jobs, trouble, until they come across a luscious human that stirs their possessive side. Their battle over who gets to keep her ends in a tie due to matching concussions, but what’s a bruise or two when it comes to winning her as a mate. When she keeps denying them both, they put aside their rivalry to team up and claim the one they want.


Each book in the Alien Abduction series can be read as a stand alone but for total reader enjoyment, it is recommended you read them in order.


The door to the storage area of the ship was bolted shut, not that it stopped them. A few slices from their laser pistols and they broke through. On the count of three, they tugged open the portal and dove into the treasure room.

Coming to a sudden halt, the friends stood side by side as they stared in disbelief at the dozen faces peering at them, humanoid halflings by the look of them. All except for one.


Taller than the rest, but short compared to Xarn, the human barbarian was curvy and wearing naught but a rag that did nothing to hide a luscious amount of curves. With brown hair pinned atop her head in an untidy mess, and lips pursed in invitation, Xarn forgot everything in that moment, even his name, as lust took hold of him. Oh, she is so mine.

The human female blinked in surprise. He smiled. She gasped and brandished a metal bar at them.

“Stand back, you-you, mangy aliens, before I, um, hurt you?” She ended her threat on a questioning note, her bottom lip sucked in so she could chew at it worriedly. A prettier—more cock hardening—sight had never been witnessed within the known galaxies.

As with one mind, and one voice, Brax and Xarn shouted, “Mine! Called it.”

And from that short declaration, their careful raid devolved into a lusty fist fight.


Louisa blinked. Nothing changed. She closed her eyes, counted to five and opened them again. Nope, there were still two huge, purple dudes duking it out on the floor. Not exactly something she’d expected when the door slid open after a series of strange noises.

“Um, excuse me?” she ventured tentatively, not quite sure what to make of the new situation. Unlike her short goblin captors, these two fellows, aliens, whatever she wanted to call them, looked a heck of a lot more dangerous. And surprisingly hot.

Dressed in something Han Solo would wear—breeches, white linen shirts criss-crossed with leather straps—they sported bodies thick with muscle. If not for their skin color and pointed teeth, she’d have wolf-whistled them on the street back home. Unlike earth men though, they paid her no mind when she cleared her throat.

“What are they?” Angelic whispered, creeping up to stand beside her, a smaller metal pole clutched in her hands. They actually possessed three at this point, the green dudes finally getting wise after she and her misfits kept swarming the guards that entered. They would have broken free of their prison by now as well if not for the damned smoke bombs their kidnappers kept dropping in their cell. Funny thing though, was while their captors, immune to the gas, managed to escape before Louisa could take on of them hostage, the idiots lacked the intelligence to strip the weapons from them while they lay unconscious. Not that their collection of batons had done them any good. They hadn’t seen slime or warts in what she guessed was a week now. Hard to tell with no windows or clocks. She counted the number of meals, delivered twice daily through a slot in the wall instead.

“They look like idiots to me,” Louisa answered. “Hey boys!” The tussling duo ignored her, the meaty sound of fists striking flesh the only reply.

“Hello?” She spoke a little louder, but too involved in their squabble, the two grown males, who more resembled children at the moment, continued their battle. And it was starting to tick her off.

“Girls, turn around please.”

With matching sighs and one muttered, “Talk about ruining our only fun,” her class turned to give their backs to the scene.

Tightening her grip on the metal rod in her hand, Louisa took a step toward the combatants. They rolled toward her and she squeaked in an uncharacteristically girly fashion as she jumped back two feet. Her startled state didn’t stop her from swinging. She managed, in her wild thrust, to clobber one combatant on the head. He went limp on the floor which left the other one to stagger to his feet, a bloody grin on his face.

“I knew you’d prefer me,” he said in a deep rumble that sent a shiver through her frame. He took a step toward her, reaching with one of his massive mauve hands.

She took a single look at the wicked light in his eyes—that promised deliciously naughty things—and ducked so she could whack him in the shins. When he buckled with a loud “Ow!,” she bonked him over the head and knocked him out.

Silence suddenly reigned, except for her slightly erratic breathing. “All right, girls,” she said as she spun around to see her troupe of misfits gaping at the two unconscious heaps on the floor. She pushed a loose piece of hair behind her ear and feigned nonchalance. “Forget today’s planned lesson on ball kicking and hair pulling. Instead, I think it’s time you learned to tie some knots.”


Watch out universe, because if you thought the purple warriors, Brax and Xarn, were a menace to the galaxy before, then hang on tight, because hopelessly in love, they’re more deadly—and hilarious—than ever.

Editor: Brandi Buckwine

Cover Artist: Amanda Kelsey – www.razzdazzdesign.com

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Five Star Review
“There are so many things that I absolutely loved about Dual Abduction… Her [Eve’s] characters are always fun to read. Her books always have a great blend of humor and very sexy romance. I have enjoyed reading Xarn and Brax’s antics from the moment they were introduced. Louisa did not disappoint in the least. She is witty and brave and exactly what the Dual Terrors (Dual Goofs) needed.”

Vanessa, The Jeep Diva
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Four & A Half Star Review, Top Pick “Guilty Pleasure Alert! Brax and Xarn are adorable and when they turn on the charm they are undeniable. I loved the cameos from the previous book’s main characters and the promise of another in the series yet to come. The author does an awesome job combining steamy eroticism, space adventure, and laugh out loud humor to concoct a totally unique reading experience. Not to be missed.”says
Chris of Night Owl Reviews
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Five Alpha Howl Review
“Eve Langlais does it again.
I loved Dual Abduction! I thought it was clever and funny.
I was laughing out loud and fanning myself at the same time over Brax and Xarn. Louisa was a clever,funny, and lovable heroine.

CaroleDee of Bitten By Paranormal Romance
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Five Star Review
“Dual Abduction made me laugh out loud, cringe at embarrassment and blush at the sexual endeavors. Who knew aliens had voyeuristic sides? Langlais knows how to write hot sex, and not just that, but built to it with sexual tension hot enough to fuel few spaces crafts! Dual Abduction being twice as hot with the bad boy hunks setting after our heroine’s heart, teasing her, tempting her and showing her pleasure despite her virtuous attempts to steer clear of the best friends. “

Niina @ For The Love of Reading
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Four and a Half Star Review
“She has a knack of making things interesting, humorous and yet there is enough hot, steamy sex to fog up any mirrors you might have. Her books are a rollercoaster ride of varying emotions and I love the way she makes me laugh out loud and then hang on the edge of my seat wondering how on earth a character is going to get out of a sticky situation. To her credit the plot and characters dialogue is also tight and oh so funny. “

Sabine of Manic Readers
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