Wolf’s Capture (Kodiak Point, #5)

 She might think she’s captured the wolf, but in the end, he’ll take her heart.

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A BIG wolf romance.


She might think she’s captured the wolf, but in the end, he’ll take her heart.

Brody is a soldier who misses the excitement of the military and its missions. He retired to work as clan beta in Kodiak Point. Talk about boring, until he’s captured by a foreign enemy.

Him, a prisoner?

Not for long. This wolf will do anything in order to get away–even if it involves seduction.

First step in plotting his escape: pretend interest in a woman. But Layla isn’t just any woman. She’s special.

Not human. Not shifter. He doesn’t know what this exotic lady is other than his.

A prisoner for years, Layla isn’t sure what to make of the enemy who shares a cell with her. He promises her hope, but that would involve trust. Despite her doubts, she can’t help but be drawn to him. Unacceptable which means she does her best to drive him nuts.

Working together, can they escape the clutches of the enemy?

And do they dare fall in love?


Welcome to Kodiak Point, where the wildlife might wear clothes, but animal instinct rules the heart.



What’s this around my neck? Cold and heavy, it seemed someone had given him some jewelry. His fingers explored the metal band ringing his neck.

Argh. Someone collared me.

Was it childish to want to make choking noises? Probably, and he did restrain himself, but his wolf felt no such need and whined pitifully in his mind.

A wolf could handle plenty of things. However, he’d never willingly give up his freedom.

Getting caught was embarrassing, and Brody could see he’d have to work on escape if he intended to maintain his man card in good standing.

Time to give this contraption the slip.

He felt along the tubular metal ring, searching for a clasp. Only smooth metal met his touch. Seamlessly joined with no hint of a button or trigger.

It’s getting tighter, whined his wolf.

It wasn’t, but the setback of not quickly removing it didn’t sit well. Brody needed to try something different. Given he was stronger than the average man, he’d snap the fucking thing. Slipping his fingers around the ring, he tugged. He twisted. He cursed a storm—in more than one language.

The damned necklace wouldn’t come off.

Ack. Gurgle. His wolf collapsed into a mentally traumatized heap.

Brody almost laughed.

You are such a drama king.

His wolf gave him the mental equivalent of the evil eye.

Content Editor:Devin Govaere

Copy Editor: Amanda L. Pederick

Cover Artist: Aubrey Rose