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Don’t listen to what the other big predators say, everyone knows it’s all about the size of the rack.

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A bullheaded moose doesn’t stand a chance when a fox decides to make him her mate.

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Re-released with a new cover and 12k more story.

Once Queen of the Nile, now she’s the queen of their hearts—and bodies.

A Vampire Romance with Heat – and bite…

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Click For More Info This BIG bear only has one thing to really say…


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Welcome to Kodiak Point, where the wildlife might wear clothes, but animal instinct rules the heart.

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  1. Tina says:

    Merrie all of Eve’s book are awesome and well worth the time to read…I found her about a year ago and been hooked since…she’s on my MUST HAVE List and not many author’s get that honor…lmao

  2. Eve Langlais says:

    @Merrie, glad you liked my cougar story and yes I plan to write one for Derrick, I just don’t know when but it will either be close to the end of this year or in 2015.

    @Tina, you’re going to make me blush lol. Glad I’m on your must have list. That is so freakn’ awesome! As for Hybrid Misfit, I am planning 2 more books in that world but I’m waiting to get the rights back from the publisher on it before I do.

  3. Eve Langlais says:

    Unfortunately, that book wasn’t as popular as others, so I’ve had to postpone it’s sequel :( But it will get one, eventually lol. PS. I am glad you liked it though. I always thought they were an awesome pair. His desire for her and her reluctance to care for him was so delicious.

  4. Cassie says:

    I love your books and must say your one of my favorites:) I especially love the FUC series. I love the humor, the heat, and the twists. Thanks for the great series!

  5. Shaunte Martin says:

    I love your writing! I love the fact that you respond to your fans and I love how funny you are with smut. Its like a win win every time I read one of your books. Please let us know when we can expect the next F.U.C. book, they are my favorites. Take care!

  6. Eve Langlais says:

    @Shaunte, I hope I always have the time to answer a reader! I’m delighted to hear you enjoy my blend of humor and spice. I write what I like and it’s nice to know I’m not the only crazy person who likes it lol!

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